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 Ironplow - Hard Rock Power Trio

Ironplow band
Ironplow is a rock'n'roll band from Madison / Milwaukee, Wisconsin playing hard rock that is both heavy and melodic. Blending influences from the 60's and 70's, the group writes and performs original music that incorporates power pop vocals, guitars steeped in early heavy metal, and drumming that is dynamic and robust. Get plowed...with Ironplow.
Chris Howard (bass, vocals)
Jeff Muendel (guitar)
Rökker (drums)


About The Music

This is original music, sometimes floating high like a zeppelin, other times crawling low like an unholy sabbath performed in deep purple caverns... but always drumming the engine hard, motorhead glowing  in a rush of guitar nirvana. This is Ironplow. This is your power trio. Listen here.


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